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Best Friends Re-Unite After 23 Years.

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Yesterday, was a very emotional day for me. I was at my parents house talking to my mom when she told me she just signed up on to find her childhood friends back in Ukraine. However, she asked me to help her out with navigating around the site. I offered to help my mom out and when I did, I came across this lady’s profile who looked exactly like my childhood friend’s sister. I then sent her a message letting her know that I am in search of my best friend and that I have not had any luck finding her in the past. I’ve also send her a message with my friends info to make sure it’s the same person that I thought it was. I thought to myself that most likely she’ll never get back to me.

It was a few minutes later, when I heard a notification come through from the odnoklassniki app and it was the lady who I sent the message to. She replied with a confirmation that yes, she is my friends sister and that she couldn’t believe it was me!!! I literally had to pause for a moment and almost fell of the chair! For a moment there, I went back in time and pictured the two of us playing in my grandparents yard back in Ukraine and giggling over the silly things we have said or did. It’s was like yesterday, us being 5 years old and playing together and creating great childhood memories. Then, I realized how much we have grown and have not seen each other for such a long time! I mean, it’s been 23 years since I’ve seen her or spoken to her and now, that I have finally found her what am I going to say?

Nonetheless, I sent my besfriend’s sister a link to my Facebook and Instagram, along with my Viber contact number with hopes that my best friend will get back to me. A few hours later, I received a private message on Facebook’s app and when I tapped on the message icon I read my best friend’s name. Ahhhh it was her! It was my best friend, Lydmila Salux from Kiev!!!

I called her Lyuda. She was the little girl who I played with everyday during each Summer break when I visited my grandparents in Chernigov, Ukraine. I had so many unforgettable and sweet childhood memories with Lyuda. Being the only child in the family, I’d get so excited that mom and I were flying out to Ukraine and that for two whole months I got to play with Lyuda. I have always considered her as a family member to me. She was a tall, beautiful girl with long brown hair. I remember Lyuda having the most beautiful big blue eyes!

Lyuda, has been in my life for as long as I can remember. She was part of every precious memory of my childhood. Whether we collected mushrooms and berries in the forest, went to a summer camp, took trips to the lake, or played with dolls, we were always together, and never bored!!! We even went to school together for like three years or so and we’re in the same class. Lyuda was there for me through all my awkward stages, held my hand when things went wrong, and laughed at every joke I made.

Here’s a picture of Lyuda and I when we were little girls. Can you tell I loved fashion and cats back then too? Haha!

For those of you who are new to my blog, you see, although, I was born in Armenia, I grew up in two different countries -Armenia and Ukraine and that’s because my father is Armenian and mother Ukrainian. My maternal grandparents lived and worked in a military base called “Дружба“ (Druzhba) for over 50 years. It was populated by 200 people or so. The closest village to Druzshba is “Ичня” (Ichnya) in the city of Chernigov and country Ukraine.

Believe it or not, “Druzhsba” means Friendship in Russian. Basically, Lyuda and I,👯‍♀️ our friendship actually began in a little village called “Friendship”. Isn’t that sweeter and cute?!

Each summer, my father would fly us out, my mother and I, to Ukraine during my summer vacation to visit my grandparents. We’d stay there for a few months then fly back home to Armenia right before my school started. This tradition started when I was born and my parents did this each year until 1991 and that is the year my family and I moved to America. It was devastating knowing if I’d ever see or talk to Lyuda again. In 1995, my mother and I flew to Ukraine one last time to visit my grandparents and bring them back with us to America. We stayed there for 10 days, I had so much fun with Lyuda a few other girlfriends of mine and Sasha Zayets, who was my cousin.

Here’s a photo of Lyuda on the right side, my friend Alyona, left side and Sasha, my cousin sitting in the middle.

Look closely to the picture above. You see that pink bunny in Lyuda’s arms? Believe it or not she still has it until today. That’s the bunny I have her when I was a little girl.

That was the last time I saw them or spoken to them because life got in the way and we just lost touch until this morning, when I picked up the phone and called Lyuda.

The moment I heard her voice and said ” Hello?”I went mute for a minute because I had mixed emotions. I didn’t know whether to smile or cry. I had goosebumps running down my spine. Honestly, it was so difficult to believe that I finally found Lyuda and that I’m on the phone with her!

After exchanging a few words, it all came back to me. It was the very same Lyuda that I remembered from childhood. Although, it’s been over two decades and plus, for a moment there it felt like both of us were little girls again and giggling on the phone over something funny. It took us each a 30 minute monologue updating each other with where we are at the moment and what is it that we do. We both spoke 990 times faster at the same time than normal human beings would. We both were so excited to share our lifetime information.

Years have passed by yet, somehow my childhood best friend and I picked up from where we left off when I called her. The past, the present and the future – all three meld into one dimension and paused somewhere in the universe… I guess these are some of those lifetime moments that we cherish and keep close to our hearts.

Friendship is very powerful but there are often different circumstances that may compromise even the strongest bond. Family commitments, moving to another country ( which was my case), health and so forth. When, reuniting with a childhood friend, it’s a feeling or a moment in time taking you back to where it all began back at home.

Lyuda, if you are reading this, I do want you to know that I appreciate our friendship so much because it has always been based on something so innocent and pure. I have enjoyed every single one of those days spent together. From learning how to dance together to learning how to apply make up. You’ve always been by my side each time I visited Ukraine. You are a part of me and I am part of you and our childhood memories will never fade away from our hearts. I am so lucky to have found you! Although, we are not in the same country but thanks to Facebook and Viber, we’ll definitely be in touch. You never know, what lies ahead. Perhaps someday we may meet again and see each other in person. I do want you to remember this, no matter where life takes me, you will always remind me of my greatest childhood moments! Ты моя самая хорошая, родная и любимая подружка! Love you always and forever!

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