Here are 10 things about Marina BerBeryan that Google or Wiki won’t tell you…


  1. I love celebrating birthdays as much as Kim Kardashian loves posting her daily selfies on her social sites. My family, balloons, a cake and a glass of milk early in the morning right after I wake up is all I need to remind me that it’s MY special day!
  2.  I’ll admit, I’m a germaphobe and I do not use public bathrooms unless it’s an emergency. When nature calls I put her on hold. “Hello? Hellooo…?”
  3. I’ve contemplated getting breast implants but I guess …I’m happy with what mother nature has gifted me with.
  4. I have zero tolerance for mean people. Wish I had more middle fingers.
  5. I’m super spiritual and religious — I believe in Jesus Christ. “Ya Heesus – Ya-Christos” learned that from my great-grandmother.
  6. My mother is the only child in the family and so am I. Now this is the reason why I have my own “preschool” of three children.
  7. Hello! My name is Marina and I’m a shop-a-holic. Ask my husband Mr. Magz if you don’t believe me.
  8. I have super special powers when I enter any fashion store, I immediately spot the “IT” item!
  9. Marina Monroe does exist. Ask Marilyn!
  10. My smile and positive energy is infectious…  watch out evil people!