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Halloween Couples Costume

– The Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf.

| i Heart Marina

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a safe and a Happy Halloween! Although, Mr Magz and I have been married for over a decade we never really dressed up in a Halloween couples costumes. All these years I just couldn’t convince him to wear a costume. It just wasn’t his thing and I completely understand that. Fast forward 13 years of being married I finally had a “bon chance” in convincing him to wear a costume –Yeai! Last year, I dressed up in a Sunny Side Up Egg costume and Mr Magz wore a Bacon costume — Hahha! I thought it was funny and cute!!

So, for our Second Annual Halloween Couples Costume we did something different, more romantic! Here’s a story of a Red Riding Hood who meets the Big Bad Wolf and falls in love. A story of Marina BerBeryan and Mr. Magz. The Red Riding Hood costume and the Big Bad Wolf costume along with the accessories were ordered online. I had smokey eyes make up done with berry-liciouse lip color. As for my hair, I just curled it to obtain Way you girlish look.



As for my children, well, they all chose their own costumes. I’ll admit though, we did go to 4 different Halloween stores to find the costumes the wanted. We had no luck finding them online.

Katrina was dressed as a Voodoo Doll. The dress fit her perfectly and the make up wasn’t difficult to apply. I teased her hair and styled it in two cute pony tails. I had to wake up 5:30 AM to make sure everyone’s costume was on point, make up and hair all done before I sent them out to school.

Isabella, she initially wanted to be a scary character but then she had a last minute change of mind. She opted for something girly and dressy. Isabella found herself the perfect Red Riding Hood Costume. Her make up was natural with snake land curled her hair.

As for John’s Costume, it was eazy-breezy this year. No need to do makeup or hair. He just wore his costume and wig and went off to school.

In the evening, we went Trick or Treating to Downtown Summerlin, after Katrina came home from her School’s Halloween Dance.

We didn’t follow the traditional home to home Trick or Treating. I felt like it was safe anymore to collect candy from strangers. The downtown Summerlin is an outdoor mall with such great vibes. During Halloween they have pet parades and extra security guards including police officers.
The stores at the Downtown Summerlin and the Las Vegas Police Department were passing out candies however the line was too long. Instead we took the children to Candy Crush store and bought them the candies they loved. It was a fun night! We did come back home early because it was a school night.
I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween Eve!

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