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How To Host A Pre-Teen Summer Pool Party?

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A pool party can be a fun summer event for kids and teenager with appropriate activities, food and other essentials.

Last week my soon-to-be 12 years old, Katrina, had a “Goodbye Summer” pool party with a few of her girlfriends.

We didn’t really have a theme for Katrina’s pool party because it was so impromptu. My husband and I decided to
surprise Katrina, two days before the party. Originally, it was a simple get together with just a few girlfriends.

Here are some of my personal tips to consider prior to having a pool party for your pre-teen or even a teen.

In the past, all of my childrens’ pool parties had a lifeguard onsite however, this time I decided to skip since the guests were older, fewer and all of them knew how to swim. As for my children, Katrina, Isabella and John, all three of them had a professional private swimming lessons when they were younger and thanks to their swimming instructor Stefanie, they are great swimmers. Keeping this in mind, I still supervised our guests the entire time that they were in the pool swimming and playing.
What starts out as a fun party can quickly get out of hand and can end up being a nightmare. To ensure pool safety, the night before the event, I made sure the pool area is clean and free from debris that could be stepped on, tripped over, or used inappropriately. I have removed all unnecessary equipment (hoses, children’s toys, dog’s toys and etc…) from the pool area to free up space. Horseplay and dangerous stunts were not allowed and I was very clear about these rules with my guests.

In-Pool Activities
Some of the fun ideas for the pool activities we had included balloons, flotation devices, volleyball ma and in-pool basketballs, water discs,and water guns.

Out-Of-The Pool Activities
A teen pool party isn’t just about having fun in the water, right! There are plenty of ways friends can enjoy a few activities such as a mani and pedi spa, music for signing and dancing, playing volleyball on the lawn and swigging on a hammock.

We tried to make the pool party enjoyable for everyone and also made sure to have a good supply of necessary pool supplies on hand. Some included extra towels, sunscreen, goggles, plastic bags to store guests’s wet towels and swimsuits, and of course cell phones to take pictures and share them on our social media sites… Lol! We also had a speaker connected via bluetooth connected via iPhones.

After swimming in the pool and the fun activities the guests got hungry. Some of the appetizers set on the table included chips, nachos, nuts, cookies, donuts, candy, popcorn, ice cream and a super cute summer cake of watermelon.

As for main lunch meal, we’ve ordered pepperoni gluten-free pizza, garlic bread sticks, chicken wings, and sushi. My Katrina looooooves sushi!!Guests were having such a great time that the party got extended from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. For dinner my husband, Mr Magz ordered Armenian kebob, pilaf, fries, Greek feta salad and a few other Mediterranean appetizers such as humus, mutabel and eggplant adjika.

Everyone seemed to have a blast and Katrina was beyond happy about her party. The guests had a blast and the next day at school few of them even mentioned to Katrina that it was one of the best parties that they have ever been to. The party sure did make a splash!

What made my day was later on that evening , after the guests have left, Katrina approached my husband and I to thank us with a kiss on a cheek and a hug for hosting such fantastic party for her and her friends. She also let us know that she appreciated greatly. Now, that just made my day! 😊

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