How To Style A Turtleneck Sweater -The Modern Day Trend?

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How To Style A Turtleneck Sweater- The Modern Day Trend?|

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The revival of the turtleneck sweaters are this season’s coziest trend. One of celebrities who favor this trend includ Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson, Selena Gomes, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Ciara and the list goes on! But how are you going to pull it off this look? No worries, I got you covered! I’m sharing some of my styling tips and “Marina Turtleneck Rules” to go by.

Did you know, turtlenecks were first spotted back in 1860’s? English polo were seen wearing first and back then it was called “polo neck”. From 1920’s and on the turtlenecks were iconic fashion pieces. It was seen worn by feminists, artists, philosophers and fashion icons. One of my favorite turtleneck fashion moments was when Audrey Hepburn gamed the sleek and sophisticated style in the movie Funny Face. Although, in the 1980’s and 1990’s turtleneck sweaters weren’t really major fashion craze I can safely say it’s definitely a major celebrity trend now in 2018.

In today’s world, turtlenecks are all about perfect layering worn in different ways. Here are some of the ways you can style your turtleneck sweater.

1. For a quick and easy daytime look style the turtleneck sweater with a polished skirt and sleek accessories as seen on Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss.

2. A chic way to accessorize the turtleneck sweater is hair tucked in the sweater and a simple gold choker layered over the collar as seen in Olivia Palermo.

3. Maxi skirt paired with a sleek turtleneck and a biker leather jacket is another way to style the look.

4. One one my favorite casual looks is when the turtleneck is paired with ripped denim jeans.

5. Printed slack and over sized turtle neck is another way to style your #OOTD.

6. To elevate the turtleneck look for a formal night-out evening , wear a black fitted turtleneck with a lace pencil skirt.

7. Turtlenecks also make a perfect outfit for a business look when styled with a pair of slacks and a blazer over it.

8. The high neckline of the turtleneck provides the perfect canvas for a statement jewelry around the neck. Something similar to like a bib necklace. This is a cool look to rock if you are into large jewelry.

9. Style your hair up in a messy bun and accessorize your look with a shoulder-grazing pair of hoop statement earrings.

10. And a modern day “2018” way to wear your sleek turtleneck is wearing a fur coat over it. Fur or faux-fur is definitely a must-have for the winter season. Adding a turtleneck into the mix I can say you just hit the sartorial jackpot.

Here are the three “Marina’s Turtleneck Tips” to remember;

  • The fabric of your turtleneck plays a major role in the outfit. Remember, the chunkier textures like the large open weave knits are more casual-chic while those that have smooth body fitting material look which is more polished and formal.
  • Fitted style turtleneck tends to be more flattering and looks dressier. Unlike, oversized turtleneck sweater and loose fit turtlenecks are more comfy and casual. Also, pay attention to the fit of the neckline itself of the turtleneck because the same rule applies to the neckline.
  • Another good “Marina Turtleneck Tip” to remember, is the length of where the sweater ends. For instance, if it ends on your leg area then it’s considered a casual look . However, if the turtleneck ends above the hip line then it’s definitely more of a formal look.

Here’s how I styled my turtleneck sweater. What I love about it is the details on the neck — the pearl buttons and the side cut. I paired this look with a flared pair of jeans from Tory Burch for a 1970’s sophisticate vibe.

What’s your favorite way to style the turtleneck look? Are you going to try any of my styling tip? If so, please let me know which style you are eager to try by commenting below.

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