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How To Style Overalls?

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Overalls are a huge trend now, popping up everywhere seen on celebrities, runways and bloggers.

Styling overalls isn’t that difficult just because it’s a denim onesie and with denim you can wear pretty much anything.
Here are some of my tips to look great in comfortable overalls:

  1.  Shorter gals can cuff the legs of their overalls if they are too long. My teenage daughter does this each time she borrows my overalls.
  2.  Style your look with accessories (grown up accessories) to avoid looking like a toddler in overalls. No 🚫🙅🏼bows or pigtails. Instead opt for sleek gold jewelry and a topknot to finish your look or a boho style wide brimmed hat.
  3.  When shopping for overalls, consider this, fit is the key. If you have a longer or shorter torso, try and find a pair of overalls with adjustable straps so there is no pulling in the ughhm…crotch area.
  4.  Should you decide to go for a slouchy look overalls I suggest you wear a feminine shirt underneath, such as lace tops or off-the-shoulder tops. If you closely to the images I’ve included my dip has lace decor on the sleeves for a feminine boho-look.
  5.  To avoid looking like a cowgirl do not 🚫🙅🏼 wear plaids and I’m serious! Unless, you are opting to look like a farm gal.
  6.  Another favorite top of mine when styling the overall look is striped tops. Channel your inner sailor look with a blue-and-white striped shirt and you’ll look gorge 👌🏻, I promise!

My parents and grandmother were in town this weekend and so I opted to wear overalls because it’s comfy and chic. I accessories the look with a 90’s choker and a boho wide brimmed hat. For my make up click here to read more.

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