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How To Make Kids Feel Special On Their Birthday?


John’s 10th Birthday Party.

| i Heart Marina

Yesterday John turned 10, he has officially joined the Double Digit Club.

This year we had the ultimate gaming party for my son’s 10th birthday party. Mr Magz and I surprised John with a mobile Arcade Game truck in between lunch, cake, and ice cream. As the 30′ custom trailer pulled up our driveway you should have seen John’s face, he was flushing and his smile was full of excitement. He looked so cute and surprised –I loved every moment of his reaction!

The Gamers Arcade is a mobile gaming theater equipped with premium sound, custom lighting, and 4, 50″ HD TVs specially designed for tournament-style, multiplayer gaming on the XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, and Minecraft.
Recently, John became a video game enthusiast so surprising him with a mobile arcade game truck for his birthday party to enjoy with his friends was definitely a fantastic idea.

John invited a few close friends of his to celebrate his special day. They played video games, basketball in the front yard, hide and seek and ran around the house. The weather was perfect, sunny yet not too hot and a bit breezy. As for food, we ordered pizza ( his fave), mini-burgers, chicken wings, caesar’s salad, side plater of vegetables,  fruits, chips, pretzels and etc.

When the party ended, John was so exhausted he just went to his room fell on his fluffy bed and slept until the next day. He definitely had a tons of fun.

I put together a few of my favorite ways to make a child feel special on their birthday. These are my top 5 and I use them every year.

  1. After a birthday child goes to sleep, fill up his/her bedroom with balloons. So, when the child wakes up in the morning on their birthday the first thing he/she sees is the Birthday balloons 🎈 🎈🎈. This is such a simple way to bring a smile to your child’s face.
  2. Gather all the family members living in the house inside the child’s room and sing him/ her the happy birthday song. So the first thing the birthday child sees is his family members gathered around his bed all smiling and singing him/her the birthday song. This will definitely make the birthday child feel extra special and the perfect way to start his/ her birthday morning.
  3. Make sure grandparents remember to call the birthday child in the morning to wish him/her a happy birthday. If not, then call the grandparents and kindly remind them! They might forget and that’s ok.
  4. Make sure on the day of the child’s birthday no one in the family says anything negative about him/her. It’s the child’s special day let him/ her enjoy it without getting upset or sad. Remember, it’s a happy day! 😄
  5.  I usually like to give lots and lots of hugs and kisses to the birthday child so they can feel extra special on that day.

Here are some more photos from John’s party.

I would so love to hear how you make your child’s birthday memorable. Please share by commenting below

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