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Mini- Summer Vacation 2016 In Los Angele, C.A..

| i Heart Marina

My family and I just got back from a relaxing fun-in-the sun mini-vacation in Los Angeles, CA. We stayed there a few days but it definitely felt like over a week and I do have plenty of “Insta” and “Facebook” worthy moments to share with you.

The idea of having a mini-vacation in Los Angeles, CA was to celebrate my children’s success. They passed the placement test for the school of their dreams and have been accepted for 2016-17 years.

Day 1 – Saturday

We visited Universal Studios in Hollywood. Although, the children and I were just there, last year, we were eager to go back again this year to visit the newly opened “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. We ended up purchasing the “Front Row Line” pass at the Universal Studios in order to avoid the four-hour long ride lines. I’m talking about 4 hours of wait time per ride in the heat of 110 degrees. Can you believe that?! That’s just crazy! So anyway, the new fully themed park was breathtaking.

The moment I stepped inside the village of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” I felt the magic, as if I walked into the Harry Potter movie. It just felt so real!
I must admit, I’m a big fan of Harry Potter movie but not the Forbidden Journey ride. The dark ride involved twists, flips and turns, which made me and Mr Magz extremely nauseous.

Although, that ride did not stop any of us from going on to the next ride. Can you guess which ride it was? Here’s a clue, not only it’s my favorite ride but it has got to do with green monsters –It’s Jurassic Water Ride!




After a day packed with full of adventures we met up with out cousins and had lunch together at one of our favorite restaurants at the CityWalk, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.


Day 2 – Sunday

Katrina, Isabella and John have been asking us all summer long to take them to the beach. You know what’s interesting? I lived in L.A., California all my life and rarely did I or my family visited the beach and the reason behind it was the heavy traffic. At the present time we live in Las Vegas, Nevada, I’ve realized that we took having the hour-away beach for granted. So now we have to drive four hours just so we can go to the beach.


We drove to Zuma beach and our favorite place there to have lunch is the “Zuma Beach Cafe.” The service is outstanding and food is amazing. On top of it all, it’s right on the beach. Another highlight from the day of the beach was when Katrina offered to volunteer at the Zuma Beach Cafe’s take out window. I personality think she gained some valuable experience of a teenage summer job.

We had a great time with the family at the beach and created some amazing memories. Here are a few photo’s from our L.A. trip of family and friends.

Good morning LA! I have missed you! #marinaberberyan #Hollywood #losangeles #la #hollywood #saturday #minivacay #marinatravels #city

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I heart LA! Do you?
Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. Let me know about what you guys do to maintain your blondness by commenting below.

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