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A Minimalist and Modern Christmas Tree Decor. -2017.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year -Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve! I absolutely love the magical atmosphere around the house during this season.

My family and I make it a fun family outing when we head out to a Christmas tree farm followed by a nice family dinner at a restaurant. We usually put up our Christmas tree two weeks after Halloween and keep it up until January the 13th, also known as “The Old New Year”. This year we ended up choosing a 25-year-old 14 feet high Noble Christmas Tree.

When it comes to decorating a Christmas tree, I usually like to keep it fairly minimal and modern with a slight twist of traditional ornaments. This allows the tree branches to shine through with it’s amazing Christmas tree pine scent. The kids and I decorated our Christmas tree with the forest-themed animals including a fox, rain deer, hedgehog, bunny, birds and a few other animal which I can’t think of. As for the color theme, well we kept our Christmas tree green, no flocking, so we can enjoy the pine scent and the organic modern vibe tree. As for the colors, we pretty much voided all the colors for day time look by adding o my the kids white, silver and gold symbolizing purity, peace. As for color, we huckster turn on the LED lights and we just pick a color for our Christmas tree to glow and spread magic around our home. Did you know that white is used by most churches as the color of Christmas? Additionally, in the Russian or Armenian Orthodox Church Gold is used for Christmas as well.

As for the lights, I re-used last years LED Color changing Christmas lights that comes with a cool remote control. This works out perfectly for us! My son, John, gets to enjoy a Christmas tree with blue lights, my youngest daughter Isabella loves pink and my eldest daughter Katrina adores purple. As for me, I love the multiple-color light me on the Christmas tree. It reminds me of my childhood during the holiday season. And when I have a family or guests over at my house, I turn switch the LED lights to white for a glam and chic Christmas tree look.

This year’s Christmas Tree display is very similar to the last year’s. Click here to read the article and see a few photos.

I love spending time with my family and picking out the perfect Christmas tree together and decorating it together is actually an absolutely fun family moment for not only my husband and kids but me as well. I think encourages us all, as a family, to spend some quality time with each other and creative special memories of my children’s childhood.

Another favorite morning moment of mine during this holiday season is waking up in the morning to the fresh smell of pines! This is the main reason why I don’t flock my Christmas tree, simply because the tree looses it’s pine scent. I also love it when in the evening, I cuddle up with my husband, Mr Magz in the living room by the fireplace to have a warm cup of tea with a warm blanket over me and enjoying a nice Christmas song playing in back as we enjoy our beautiful Christmas Tree lighting and night.

Scroll down to view a few more photos of my Christmas tree and my family decorating it.

Wishing you all a very Mery Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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