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Ten Tips On Moving With Kids.

It’s been a busy week for me and my family. Moving from Los Angeles, CA., to Las Vegas, NV., was super exciting for us however, I was most worried about finding the “perfect” school for our children.

I have received couple of emails and messages asking me different questions about the move with kids. Was it difficult for the children to leave their friends behind? Are they easily adjusting with the new school? What are some of your tips?

Moving to a neighbor-state is not all that different from moving to another town. For me the biggest issue that I have faced was finding the right school for my children.

Back in Los Angeles, since preschool my children attended a private Christian school. This time, after careful consideration, my husband and I applied to a college-prep school and the kids actually got accepted. For those who don’t know what a college prep school is, it’s actually a private school that prepares their students for college.

As for leaving friends behind, it was a bit difficult but with today’s technologies like FaceTime and Skype my children stay connected with their friends and family.

Katrina, Isabella and John are not taking the move as difficult as I have thought they would. They are actually adapting m fast. Here’s what I did to help my children with the move…

Read my Ten Tips on Moving with Kids:

  • Have a family meeting explaining why you are moving and what to expect.
  • Ask for your children’s feed back on a new home and keep them updated through the process of moving.
  • Let them pack their own clothes and belongings this way they’ll pack what they like and leave behind what they no longer need or like.
  • Organize household items together what you’ll be giving away or selling. For instance, my children gave away their books and unused toys to their friends.
  • Research and learn more about the new place together. Each time I’d find out something cool about the new town I’d share it with my children and this made them more excited about moving.
  • Make room plans in the new house. Ask your children to help you decorate their rooms by setting a budget and having them shop.
  • Do a site visits with your children by showing them the new house and the new neighborhood.
  • Host a “See you soon” party by getting together with their friends before you move.
  • Map your move is also a great idea. This way children can see on their iPads in Maps App how far the new home is or in which state.
  • Discuss their educational future plans and explain the difference between the public school, parochial schools and college preparatory school.

Here’s a picture of Katrina, Isabella and John on the first day of school. 


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