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The Ramos Brothers Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada – Review.

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On Saturday, Mr Magz and I took our children to see The Ramos Brothers Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The two hour live performance filled with thrills and excitement had John, Isabella and Katrina on the edge of their seats.

The show featured a blend of traditional and contemporary circus variety performances including dazzling acrobatics, mind-boggling juggling, high-flying daredevilry, gleeful clown antics, and more.

My favorite part of the show was when the circus clown invited my son John to perform on stage with him… twice! The first time was when John assisted the clown with the hilarious performance and the second time was when the circus clown chose a few kids, include all three of mine, Katrina, John and Isabella to join a short dance competition. 

Coincidently, the music played “Oppa Gangnam Style” by PSY which was one of John’s favorite songs. Johnny rocked the show! Click play on the video below to watch my son, Johnny dance at the Ramos Brothers Circus. [Warning: You may want to put the volume down because my “woo-hoo” scream is extremely loud. What can I say? I’m Johnny’s mom and I couldn’t resist. Just another proud mom showing her support and love for her son… LOL]

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Isabella danced well too during the dance competition but she was super shy to include her super cool moves. As for Katrina, she got extremely shy and walked away from the competition.

Overall it was an amazing high-energy show delivering laughs, wonders and treasured memories for our entire family. We all had a fantastic time!


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